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Bringing Website and Marketing Solutions to Small Businesses and Content Creators.

ABOUT Black Circle Consulting

Founded by lifelong friends, Black Circle Consulting was built around the idea that "Teamwork makes the dream work". Whether you are looking to start a small business for yourself or building up your personal brand as an influencer, you can't do everything alone. Black Circle is all about being that team behind you - working in the background - to allow you to focus on what matters most to achieve your goals. 



Our Services

  • Consult with our ecommerce experts to bring your business online!

  • Have a website designed and published within a week

  • Enhance your brand or online business with our web marketing services

Meet the Team

Cheyenne Black Circle
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Cheyenne Eady


After 3 transformative years serving in the Peace Corps in Central America, Cheyenne has developed a love for leadership and personal development. From helping indigenous women adopt sustainable farming practices to training government workers to put service before self, Cheyenne is in the business of people.  A digital nomad and our team innovator,  he is Black Circle's expert at personal development, project management and marketing.

Justin Oba


  With over 6 years of experience working directly with small businesses in Seattle's famous Pike Place