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About Us

Get to know our team at Black Circle Consulting  

Our Story

Founded by lifelong friends, Black Circle Consulting was built around the idea that "Teamwork makes the dream work". Whether you are looking to start a small business for yourself or building up your personal brand as an influencer, you can't do everything alone. Black Circle is all about being that team behind you - working in the background - to allow you to focus on what matters most to achieve your goals.

Our Creative Founders.

The creative, diverse professionals at Black Circle Consulting will help you turn your vision into a reality. We specialize in helping entrepreneurs like you to profit from your passions, whether that's through social media management or building a new website; SEO services to boost traffic on all forms of digital marketing platforms - including email newsletters!

Co-Founder | Principal Consultant
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Co-Founder | Creative Consultant
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Consultations Free?

No, our current rate is $250 per consultation. However, if your consultation leads to purchasing an additional service we provide, such as website design or social media management, then the consultation fee will be waved.

How long does it take to create a website through Black Circle Consulting?

Typical website creating takes approxmatly 2-3 weeks, depending on the size of the site and time it takes for you (the client) to provide any images, written copy, etc. that you want included in the website. Our proposal - provided and approved prior to the start of the work - will include a timeline based on the project scope.

How many revisions do I get when creating my website?

Each website will be allowed one site revision after first draft version is completed. Clients will be provided a link to review the current stage of the site, and will be able to provide comments and feedback directly on the draft version of site for designers to review. That feedback will be taken into consideration when creaated the 2nd and final website version. If any additional revisions are needed, the client must have a continued maintanence plan or pay an additional charge if changes are requested. 

I just recieved a quote. How long is that quote valid?

Our quotes are valid for one month, unless otherwise noted on the quote itself. 

I just recieved a quote for a competitor of yours. Do you price-match?

No, we do not price match based on another company's quote. We believe that our prices are already competitive in our industry and region, and believe that our prices correctly reflect the effor and quality of work that we deliver. We cannot say the same about other agencies, therefore we would not accept to match a competitor's pricing. 

Are you hiring?

Not at this moment, but we thank you for your interest! We do work with and partner with independent contractors on certain projects, and are always down to network. Please send us an email and introduce yourself!

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